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Terms & Conditions of Hire

ALL bookings made with and provided by JJ Venue Dressing are bound by the Terms and Conditions stated on this page.  Payments made to JJ Venue Dressing deem that the Hirer agrees, adheres to and is bound to the Terms and Conditions. The lead name stated on the booking documents and/or email who is responsible for all hired goods and their subsequent care and replacement as per the Terms and Conditions.

1 - All goods supplied are on a hire basis only and title remains with JJ Venue Dressing, Hereafter known as the Hiree.

2 - The Hirer is the person named on the booking form or email. The Hirer takes -responsibility for the goods under these terms and conditions.

3 - The hire period is 24 hours before and 24 hours after the event (3 Days total) this can be extended at the Hirees discretion for which a charge may be levied.

4 - A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure a booking. Until the booking form or email (signed or agreed by the Hirer) and deposit is received back to the Hiree then no booking will be deemed to have been made. The balance is payable in full three weeks before the event date. If a booking is cancelled more than 1 month in advance then no more is payable, if a booking is cancelled within 1 month then the full remaining balance is payable - These monies can be used against a future booking within 12 months if the event is only postponed. Bookings within 1 month must be paid in full at time of booking.

5 - The Hiree will provide a cost of delivery/collection based on a round trip mileage to/from the delivery destination specified by the Hirer. This cost is for delivery by the Hiree in their own vehicles and not an outsourced courier. Should the Hirer choose to organize their own transport, the hirer must be aware glassware collected or delivered back by an independent courier are not insured or covered by any courier company and therefore are sent at the Hirer's own risk. Any courier used by the Hirer must be guaranteed and have a tracking number. Any damaged items received back via an independent courier will be checked whilst in the presence of the courier driver. Any breakages will be noted as such at that time on the manifest and missing / damaged items charged accordingly according to paragraph 7.

6 - The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the Hired Goods not the reception/event venue/hotel/florist or any other third party to whom shall take possession of the Hire Goods. The Hirer shall be alone responsible for insuring the Hired Goods are kept in good order from the time of receipt of delivery until back into the possession of the Hiree. Therefore an agreement of a good provision of storage must be made and organized directly with any third party involved for any hired goods if you are leaving at the venue prior to our collection or your own return delivery on the agreed date. The returns form must be filled in and signed and all goods packaged in the boxes provided ready for collection/return.

7 - The Hirer will pay for any non-returns, damaged goods or breakages to the Hiree at full retail value. Details of the retail value of Hired Goods can be given at the request at the time of booking for the Hirer's own information.